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Welcome to the Vegetable IPM Web Site!
We're all proud of our vegetable gardens.  Their abundance, diversity and beauty provide a rich harvest for us year after year.

But If we expect to continue enjoying and using our natural resources, we must be responsible for protecting them.  This means it will be necessary for many of us to change conditioned attitudes about the way we manage insect pests, not only in our vegetable gardens, but in and around our homes as well.

This site is dedicated to Integrated Pest Management for the home vegetable garden. IPM uses four key strategies to control pest damage while fostering environmental awareness and stewardship.

  • Plant genetic resistance to pests and disease;
  • Biological control (the use of one organism to control another);
  • Environmental and cultural (favorable for the plant, unfavorable for the pest);
  • Chemical - the last resort.
Identify the problem in your garden by scanning images of pests or by finding the most common pest problems of common vegetable crops. Then search the control database to determine the current recommendations for cultural, biological, or chemical control of your pest.
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